The “Bob Sacamano” t-shirt story

Who is Bob Sacamano?

Well, indeed it is pretty hard to find out who he actually is. All we know about him is from Kramer. Long story short, Bob Sacamano is the greatest tv character that was never shown on screen.

Here’s an overview of Bob Sacamano:

In Kramer’s mind, he seems to look like a slightly distorted impersonation of Jesus Christ himself. The man. The myth. The legend.

The entire Word of God, the Bible, is filled with references to the Lord Jesus Christ. The same is happening in Kramer’s world. He has the capability of worshipping “Bob Sacamano” and he is showing it pretty often.

Let’s pray these words together and get our eyes off our worldly troubles and on our heavenly “Bob Sacamno” who deserves our praise!

* Don’t forget! Every piece runs in a limited supply. Only 100.*


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