The “Assman” t-shirt story

Kramer goes to the Department of Motor Vehicles for his new license plate. To his surprise, the plate reads “ASSMAN”. He suspects that the plate was meant for a proctologist, and uses this theory to his advantage, by parking in a “Doctors Only” spot when he goes to pick up Estelle.

Later, when the gang takes Frank to a proctologist, Kramer spots a picture of a boat called “ASSMAN”. He finally found the doctor who is supposed to have the plate.

Here’s an overview:

The plate also scores him cat calls from passing drivers, and a date with a big-bottomed girlfriend named Sally.

So this is what happens when you really take pride in what you’re doing. Doctor Howard Cooperman, proctologist. Hope everybody enjoys what they’re doing.

* Don’t forget! Every piece runs in a limited supply. Only 100.*


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